About Music Boxer

“When I hear this song I remember…”

Music is the soundtrack to our individual stories. Just a short clip of a song, a simple melody has the ability to conjure the most vivid of memories – both good and bad. None of this is new to anyone but that doesn’t make it any less true or special. The point of Music Boxer is to be an autobiographical journal of memories associated with specific songs.

Submission guide
Interested in submitting a music memory to Music Boxer? Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Format: Whatever you want. Format it however you want. You can write it in first person if you want or you can write it from the perspective of your cat. You can include pictures if you want.
  • Length: Whatever you want. It could be a sentence like “this song reminds me of the time I got drunk and started a fight with some guy in a bar because he said he likes 3 Doors Down” or it could be a couple pages. Whatever you need to say what you have to say.
  • Songs: Whatever you want. This isn’t really a place to earn indie cred (since no one will read it, probably) and some of the best/worst/strongest memories are conjured by crap songs.

Please note that all submissions are reviewed and approved by Music Boxer staffers. If we approve your submission (and we probably will!) we will contact you prior to posting. Music Boxer reserves the right to edit your submission but you will have final review and approval of any changes made by Music Boxer staffers.

Submit your memories here.