Frightened Rabbit – “My Backwards Walk”

He came to the front of the stage and told the crowd that he was going to do this one on his own – just him with his guitar. He then played “My Backwards Walk.”

I was absolutely transfixed. I’m not even entirely sure I took a breath during the song.

I was a fan of the band and I had every record but for whatever reason that particular song had never resonated with me. I remember thinking to myself immediately after he finished playing “why is that not one of my favorite songs?” Since then it’s never left my brain, always playing in there somewhere.

Now, when this song comes on I see Scott again, at the front of the stage, lit by a single spotlight, singing this amazing song. I’ll never get to see Scott sing again but I will never forget him singing “My Backwards Walk” to me.

God damn it I wish he wasn’t gone.

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