The Who – “Baba O’Riley”

When I hear any The Who song, particularly “Baba O’Riley”, the following conversation replays in my head:

Dad: Who is this?
Me: Who? These guys, on the radio?
Dad: Yeah, do you know who this is?
Me: I don’t know. Who is this?
Dad: You don’t know who this is?
Me: No, no I don’t know who this is.
Dad: Surely you know who this is.
Me: I thought I knew who this is but I’m not sure I know who this is.
Dad: You know who this is. Everyone knows who this is.
Me: Why don’t you just tell me who this is.
Dad: Who? These guys on the radio?
Me: Hmmmm….

That conversation goes on for the entire length of the song. I laugh every single time. I hope I get to have that very same conversation 1,000 more times.

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